New Connected technology segmentation now available in improvemydata.com

Consumer data cleansing and enhancement specialists Callcredit Marketing Solutions have today made their new consumer technology segmentation 'Connected' available online within improvemydata.com.

This new customer profiling tool helps marketers differentiate consumers by their technological behaviours, aptitudes and attitudes. It has been built by Callcredit using marketing data from their "Core" consumer universe, combined with information from the YouGov Media Panel and its Technology and Telecoms survey to deliver key insights on:

• Computer ownership
• Internet access
• Online behaviour
• Mobile phone ownership, use & spend
• Purchase via devices
• On-the-go entertainment
• Home entertainment including television

Adam Leslie, Head of Data for Callcredit Marketing Solutions comments:

"improvemydata already enables you to cleanse and enhance your data in one simple process. With this addition, consumer segmentation by technology usage just couldn't be any simpler!"

"Whether you are trying to identify pay-as-you-go mobile customers from those on contract, target consumers who are willing to pay for TV channels or expensive in-home entertainment systems or find online shoppers, gamers or the latest gizmo buyers, Connected can help. It can also empower you to communicate with consumers through their preferred channels, whether they are happy to engage online, through social media, via SMS or through email."