New CAMEO Australia to offer more consumer data than ever before

Callcredit Information Group's consumer analysis and segmentation tool CAMEO Australia has now been updated to offer clients the most comprehensive consumer insight on the market.

Linking address information to demographic data and lifestyle and socio-economic insight, the new CAMEO Australia delivers valuable insight of consumers using the latest Census data accompanied by real-life transactional data such as online behaviours, consumer demand profiles, technology use and channel preference, enabling marketers to gain detailed insight into customer behaviour in both the online and offline markets.

By understanding that no two people are exactly the same and how customers fit into different segments, retailers can unlock valuable and actionable insight which can be utilised to develop informed communication strategies, locate sites for new store openings or to identify cross-sell opportunities and increase retention rates.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director commented "We are fortunate to have such rich and diverse data that will assist Australia's marketers to grow their market share. The latest version of CAMEO Australia contains more consumer data than ever before and can be applied to consumer own databases to extract further insight and ensure that the most relevant communications are delivered to the right people, through the right channel, at the right time"