New Addington, Croydon, unveiled as ID fraud hot spot

06 February 2008

No longer a 'model' town

Londoners are most at risk of ID fraud in the UK, according to a new national ranking published by the credit reference agency, Callcredit. With New Addington in the London Borough of Croydon revealed as the area most 'at risk' of identity theft, the hometown of Kate Moss can no longer seen as a model location.

Analysis by Callcredit* found that almost 50% of the top 20 postal areas most at risk of ID fraud fell within Greater London and the surrounding areas, suggesting that those living in the capital need to be on high alert for identity theft.

While London tops the ID fraud list, the North West is the second most 'at risk' region, followed by the North East and the West Midlands. Bootle on the North West, home of many notable Liverpool footballers, is ranked the location second most prone to identity theft. Residents in Northern Ireland are however the least at risk of ID theft in UK.

Owen Roberts, Identity Protection Expert at Callcredit said:

"Due to transient populations, the UK's largest cities are most at risk of ID fraud. Whether you live in city or a village no one is 100% safe from identity theft. Taking simple steps such as shredding documents, protecting your PC and regularly checking your credit report can however help you to stay safe and make life harder for the criminals.

"Data loss and ID fraud has become an all too familiar concept. Becoming a victim of ID fraud can be a devastating experience, so doing all you can to protect yourself is essential. Although there's plenty of information available on how to stay protected from identity theft, many people are still getting caught out."

Key statistics:
Top 10 postal districts most at risk of ID Fraud
Rank Postal districts most at risk of ID Fraud
1 New Addington, Croydon
2 Bootle
3 Purfleet
4 Higher Folds, Leigh
5 Northfleet, Gravesend
6 Tilbury
7 Greater London
8 Penrhys, Ferndale
9 Sheerness
10 Kirkby, Liverpool

Regional ranking
Rank ID fraud regional hotspots
1 London
2 North West
3 North East
4 West Midlands
5 Yorkshire And The Humber
6 Scotland
7 East Midlands
8 Wales
9 East
10 South East
11 South West
12 Northern Ireland

Postal districts least at risk of ID Fraud

Rank Postal districts least at risk of ID Fraud
1 Highampton, Beaworthy
2 Hankerton, Malmesbury
3 Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham
4 Broadwell, Rugby
5 Rosenannon, Bodmin

Five fascinating facts about Croydon

• Model, Kate Moss was born in Croydon in 1974
• Katie Melua, singer, songwriter, musician went to the Brit School for Performing Arts at Selhurst, Croydon
• Actor, Martin Clunes live in Croydon
• Psychological illusionist, Derren Brown was born in Croydon in 1971
• Croydon plays host to the filming of the popular Channel 4 show, Peep Show.

Callcredit's top tips to protect your identity
• Don't throw your identity in the bin - always shred important documents
• Keep passwords and PINS safe and don't disclose them to anyone
• Don't broadcast your identity on the internet by failing to protect your PC
• Keep a note of useful numbers to contact should you suspect you have become a victim of ID fraud
• Make certain you are watching for warning signs by regularly checking your credit report on www.mycallcredit.co.uk

*using GeoFraud technology from Callcredit.

About Callcredit:
• Callcredit (www.callcredit.co.uk) is the UK's most innovative, state-of-the art credit reference agency, with an extensive range of information and value added services for businesses and individuals.

• MyCallcredit is the consumer arm of credit reference agency Callcredit and provides consumers with online access to the details of their credit file at http://www.mycallcredit.com/

• Callcredit has harnessed state-of-the-art information technology with an unrivalled knowledge of the industry's needs to develop a range of innovative information solutions. Solutions that are enabling major lenders and a host of other blue chip companies to address regulatory requirements, make better credit decisions, target new customers more effectively and manage existing customers more profitably.

• Callcredit is one of six core businesses that form the Skipton Information Group. The other five are:
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• Scorecard development and affordability assessment specialist DecisionMetrics
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