MICROVISION Delivers Industry Foresight

EuroDirect has strengthened it's market offering by redeveloping and expanding it's award winning marketing GIS system DemoGraf*, under the brand MICROVISION.

The development of the MICROVISION product is an astute move, which will enable EuroDirect to reposition their product and service offering much closer with their network planning and business modelling division GMAP Consulting.

MICROVISION not only provides a strong and well-known brand that will comfortably translate globally, it also provides an appropriate name for a brand new product that combines the best of both fields of excellence. It unites EuroDirect's award-winning DemoGraf* platform with GMAP's exceptional skill and experience in global market analysis and planning.

This unique innovation will bond together the service offerings from EuroDirect and GMAP, adding value for current clients and providing new customers with a uniquely versatile solution. MICROVISION is a single platform that uses common information to serve multiple business applications. From direct marketing through to estate management, strategic planning and network optimisation, it enables disparate business functions to identify and capitalise on market opportunities, wherever they may be

MICROVISION will be available on license as four modules:

  • MICROVISION Marketeer - for understanding your customers, keeping hold of them and acquiring more like them.
  • MICROVISION Market Maker - for defining your markets, understanding customer spend and identifying pockets of untapped potential.
  • MICROVISION Optimiser - for devising optimal plans for spatial business issues such as store location, site volume and territory definition.
  • MICROVISION Modeller - for analysing network and store performance and understanding the impacts of change.

The international face of MICROVISION is equally exciting, this environment and the CAMEO component parts have operated in over 30 international markets during 2003. The plan for 2004 is to extend MICROVISION to deliver a truly global coverage serving all 60 countries where a developed commercial consumer economy exists.

The MICROVISION launch campaign kicks off in January with high profile responsive advertising leading up to the IDMF in March. This will be supported by an on going targeted mailing campaign. The re-branding will also form part of a wider corporate re-branding exercise for both EuroDirect and GMAP Consulting.

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect comments: "DemoGraf* has been EuroDirect's flagship product for well over 12 years. With over 500 users it has been a hugely successful cornerstone onto which we have built a £10 million business. The decision to re-brand has taken a lot of thought."

He added: "We are not losing a product, quite the contrary. We are adding far more value to it than ever seen before in this industry; by combining it with GMAP's renowned business modelling and strategic network planning capabilities. EuroDirect have always taken great pride in investing significantly in product development. This major innovation is further evidence of our commitment to our existing customers base and our dedication to successfully growing the business."