Legal software supplier signs deal with Callcredit, a leading provider in anti-money laundering solutions

Peppermint TechnologyCallcredit is pleased to announce a new contract with Peppermint Technology to provide its most advanced anti-money laundering (AML) solution, CallML.

Peppermint Technology is a legal software provider delivering the Legal Service Platform, a new generation of business technology built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SharePoint, to law firms of varying sizes. 

CallML will be integrated into Peppermint’s systems adding to the identity verification checks the software supplier already has in place providing its clients with a more robust customer identity validation and anti-money laundering functionality.  The results will help to highlight any potential fraud risks before any transactions or work takes place.

Callcredit is recognised by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) for providing solutions like CallML, to help businesses meet their obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations.

Daniel McGrath, Product Manager, Peppermint Technology said: “Peppermint is pleased to offer its customers this valuable identity verification service from Callcredit as part of the multi-award winning Legal Service Platform. Accurate and timely data is paramount in the successful operation of a modern law firm and managing risk. The integration of Callcredit’s anti-money laundering service will ensure Peppermint’s customers have access to an instant, leading risk management tool.”

Peter Mansfield, Managing Director, Callcredit said: “I’m really pleased to be working with Peppermint and helping to enhance its award winning Legal Service Platform.  We are passionate about preventing money laundering and providing the right solutions to help businesses achieve this. CallML is designed based on the enhanced Customer Due Diligence requirements detailed in the JMLSG guidelines.

“By integrating with our CallML service, Peppermint’s customers will gain access to a best in class AML service and benefit from the speed with which our AML search results can be returned and stored in Peppermint’s own Platform.”