Law Firms Love Online ID Verification

Faced with checking customer identities to comply with anti money laundering legislation, law firms have been quick to recognise the benefits of electronic verification over the manual vetting of personal documents such as passports and driving licences.

Over 200 UK practices are already using CallML, an online service from credit reference agency Callcredit that verifies identities of individuals in seconds.

Southport-based Barnetts has introduced CallML to speed up the conveyancing process for its clients.

Tricia Lonorgan, conveyancing director, said:

"The system has significantly improved the speed of our service as we no longer need to chase brokers, agents and clients to verify identification. We can now check an identity in a matter of minutes rather than it taking days or even weeks.

Another important benefit for firms is that the CallML system can be easily integrated with practice management systems which means the checks can be automatically performed and automatically billed to the client as a disbursement."

CallML sales manager Martin Cheek said:

"A CallML check costs a fraction of the cost of manually checking documents. In fact, it doesn't have to cost firms anything because the cost is clearly defined and, if firms choose to, they can easily include it in client disbursements. In comparison, the cost of manually checking documents will be much more difficult to assess and will vary with every client."

CallML uses a wide range of approved and independent data sources, including the Electoral Roll and a full credit database, to confirm identities in seconds - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Callcredit has developed a simple benefits calculator to help law firms estimate how much they could save by implementing CallML.

To obtain a copy of the 'CallML Benefits Calculator' contact Martin Cheek on 0113 244 1555 or email martin.cheek@callcredit.plc.uk