Launching ‘Core’ - the UK’s largest multi-channel prospecting universe

Callcredit Marketing Solutions, the leading database, consumer intelligence and engagement specialists, have launched their new consumer prospect and value pool, following a highly successful launch event last week at Lord's.

Faced with increasing regulation and consumer backlash, data providers have been under severe pressure to fill the ever widening electoral roll opt-out gap with new, relevant and recent data sources. Following intensive market research and 18 months of heavy investment in new data collection techniques online and offline, Callcredit Marketing Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of 'Core'. At over 41 million consumer records, Core is now the largest prospecting universe and value pool of its kind.

With a wide range of targeting attributes available, Core embodies both actual and modelled datasets that deliver marketers with the key variables they need to drive successful recruitment, retention, re-activation and cross-sell campaigns. It also caters for truly integrated marketing campaigns by delivering multi-channel touch points of significant volume, including:

  • 6 million email addresses
  • 8.5 million landline phone numbers
  • 4 million mobile numbers
  • 28 million residential addresses

Core has been developed within a new operating environment which enables continuous updates allowing new and verified data to be made available instantly to clients.

Caroline Worboys, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions comments:
"Central to the development of Core was the creation of a channel-rich customer database that provided both volume depth and targeting relevancy within a flexible real-time platform. Excellent feedback from our clients illustrates that we have fully achieved this with Core. "

"We are looking forward to completing the next phase of our investment programme soon. This will include the development of sector specific solutions, advanced credit marketing tools and the enhancement of our self service and segmentation range to meet the amplified needs of today's marketer."