LA Fitness Choose MICROVISION to Improve Customer Targeting and Optimise Gym Location

LA Fitness has selected leading market analysis and targeting system MICROVISION from direct and database marketing specialists EuroDirect. EuroDirect will be working in partnership with data marketing experts, MDS Global Consulting to deliver an fully integrated solution. MDS will utilise MICROVISION to assist in reclaiming lapsed customers and realigning their customer base between LA Fitness gyms and recently taken over Dragons Gyms.

Established in 1990 with only three gyms, during recent buoyant years LA Fitness have expanded to become one of the leading health and fitness chains in the UK with an empire of 87 clubs. However, being amongst this fiercely competitive marketplace it is vital to continually deliver intelligent branding, bold advertising and an optimal location strategy to keep ahead of the competition. Building on their successful direct mail campaign in April 2006, they wish to continue with a customer-focused approach. LA Fitness's successful takeover of the Dragons Gym chain assures their continued growth and gives them greater reason to develop a gym network strategy and an effective targeting proposition.

MDS chose MICROVISION to obtain a thorough understanding of LA Fitness current and lapsed gym members, as well as the nature of the local catchment areas surrounding each gym. It will be used to segment customers between gyms in city and rural locations and to differentiate customers that commute to gyms from those that value gym proximity above other factors. This will give LA Fitness a much fuller understanding of their varying customer and prospect base and allow them to tailor their offer and direct marketing campaigns specifically to these gym users. This will be achieved through the sophisticated profiling and mapping capabilities provided within MICROVISION's suite of modules enabling LA Fitness to take a more informed approach to their future growth strategy.

On another level, MICROVISION will be utilised to analyse the differences between LA Fitness and Dragon Gym customers and develop advertising propositions tailored specifically to the different customer and prospect segments for each gym. In time MICROVISION's Optimiser module will also be used to determine the most effective network of gyms across the UK as a whole.

Mark Jenkins, Marketing Director at LA Fitness: "This is an exciting time for LA Fitness with new ideas and concepts being brought to the forefront of our business. MICROVISION gives us the decision-making power to confidently put these into practice. With our growing customer base, I think it is increasingly important to continue putting the customer as the focus of our business. Through the segmentation capabilities MICROVISION can provide us with, we can effectively align our proposition to our different segment gym users, which I think is crucial for LA Fitness's continued success."

John Dobson, Managing Director at EuroDirect comments: "I am delighted that we are taking MICROVISION into new sectors such as health and leisure. It reaffirms to me the great capabilities of our flagship product and the wide diversity of solutions we can offer our clients . "