Know Your Candidate teams up with Callcredit

Employee vetting service takes on Callcredit for credit checks

Employee vetting firm Know Your Candidate Ltd has enlisted the help of Callcredit Information Group to deliver its candidate verification service.

Callcredit is providing Know Your Candidate with a managed service that processes employee records in bulk and produces easy-to-understand credit reports. The data includes separate files for employees who have court judgements and insolvencies, allowing Know Your Candidate to quickly identify relevant results and report back to their clients.

Employee credit checks are becoming increasingly important as businesses, particularly in the financial services sector, look at reducing their fraud risk. Employment screening is now often viewed as an ongoing requirement, rather than a one-off pre-employment check, with many firms carrying out annual credit checks across their workforce.

Callcredit offers a range of credit-checking and identity verification tools across a variety of sectors, providing businesses with greater confidence and protection against fraud risk.

Barry Hetherington, Managing Director of Know Your Candidate, said: "Switching to Callcredit from our incumbent credit reference agency provided us with a significantly better service. The biggest difference was that the format of the output data was much simpler and easier to understand, dramatically reducing our production and reporting time - which in turn, helped us to exceed our customers' expectations.

"In addition, we found Callcredit provided more readily accessible support and more competitive pricing too."

James Blake, Head of Sales at Callcredit, said: "Our expertise in handling and providing credit data means we were perfectly placed to help Know Your Candidate with its employment vetting process. We were delighted to be able to work with the company to create a managed solution that met their requirements for a streamlined and efficient service."