It’s a doddle with Noddle to keep your identity safe with launch of two new services

Noddle, the free for life credit report service is helping consumers further with the launch of two new services to help prevent fraud and keep personal information safe online.

Just under a year since  its official launch in April 2012 Noddle, (provided by Callcredit Information Group), has grown rapidly announcing earlier this month (March) that it was already helping over 200,000 consumers save a total of £24m a year on subscriptions.  Building on this success Noddle is now expanding its offering with Noddle Web Watch and Noddle Alerts.

Noddle Web Watch will help consumers to prevent fraud and keep their personal information safe online by scouring the internet 24/7 monitoring web pages, chat rooms, bulletin boards and file sharing sites for any indication that any individuals personal details are being traded or sold fraudulently, and alerts the consumer if they are. 

Noddle Alerts provides weekly alerts with any significant changes to an individual's report and immediate access to their latest credit report before the monthly update, giving consumers the ability to view any potential irregularities on their report.

Tom Ilube, founder of Noddle, said: "Checking your credit report is one way of ensuring no-one is using your personal details without your permission. But how do you ensure that your personal information isn't appearing anywhere else online where it shouldn't?

"Noddle Web Watch is designed to help you ensure your personal information isn't appearing anywhere online where it shouldn't and to provide peace of mind, Noddle Web Watch will monitor up to:

  • 6 email addresses
  • 6 credit/debit card numbers
  • 6 bank account and sort code numbers
  • 6 telephone numbers (including mobiles), and
  • your National Insurance number

 "It's important that you check your credit report regularly to monitor suspicious activity you don't recognize."

Both new services are available to everyone who has signed up to Noddle's free for life credit report as additional extras.  Consumers can add Noddle Web Watch for only £10 for 12 months and Noddle Alerts for only £20 for 12 months.