improvemydata.com presents new data enhancement audit

We all know that it can cost six times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep a current one especially in today's economy. So knowing more about your existing customers can help you develop more profitable and long lasting relationships.

Callcredit Marketing Solutions' leading data cleansing tool improvemydata.com has been upgraded to help you quickly understand what insights you can add to your customer data.

In one simple process it will provide a free report on the quality of your consumer data and email you with a separate report detailing the consumer variables and volumes that can be appended. So as well as providing a data cleansing service, it will now tell you how many email addresses can be added to your file for example, using the UK's most comprehensive email lists.

In addition to providing multi-channel touch-points, improvemydata.com will also deliver detailed demographic, financial and lifestyle insights such as date of birth, income and presence of children. It enables you to enhance your data with a suite of consumer segmentations and data profiling tools that help you quickly assess the key characteristics of your customers so you can find new prospects that look just like them.

Adam Leslie, Head of Data at Callcredit Marketing Solutions commented:

"Our new data enhancement audit is totally free, so marketers can assess exactly how much they can learn about their customers without incurring a cost. What's more, we now have approximately 70 different consumer variables that can be appended to a customer file, a number that is growing constantly."