How green and ethical are your customers?

Callcredit Marketing Solutions has today 31st August 2011 released a new segmentation tool that will help marketers understand how 'green and ethical' their customers really are.

The Green & Ethical segmentation has been built using a wide range of information from the YouGov Green Gauge Survey combined with data from Callcredit's Core database. It uses data such as environmental awareness and views, 'green' lifestyle choices, eco and ethical shopping and finances, to segment UK consumers into 13 categories, from the 'Righteous Rich' at the top of the 'green and ethical' tree to the 'Am I bothered?' group rooted firmly at the bottom.

This new tool, which is part of Callcredit's extensive customer segmentation suite, will allow marketers to understand customers' attitudes to green and ethical issues, personalise campaigns to customers' concerns and behaviours and target the right customers and prospects with the right campaigns.

Green & Ethical assesses the way in which consumers think about and act upon environmental and ethical concerns in their daily lives, whether through their purchase of goods and services, their consideration of provider or in their individual attempts to make a difference.

Chris Savage Managing Director, Callcredit Marketing Solutions said:

"In today's society, environmental and ethical issues are increasingly influencing consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. These issues are starting to have a positive impact on the way consumers live their lives, how they shop, how they choose their energy provision and transport and even, in some cases, how they manage their finances".

Chris added, "This unique classification has been built to append a customer database and segment individuals based on those behaviours and attitudes towards green and ethical issues at a local, national and global scale. In addition it also provides propensity scores into specific issues such as fair-trade, 'green' finance and willingness to pay more for environmentally friendly products. With this new insight, marketers can learn more about their customers increase the effectiveness of their mailing list campaigns and ultimately increase ROI".