GMAP Reveals Demise of the ‘Chelsea Tractor’

Llandrindod Wells in Wales is the UK's 4x4 capital, and London leads the nation for environmentally-friendly vehicles according to a report released today by automotive data specialists GMAP Consulting.

Using DVLA Parc statistics, GMAP has created an index revealing the number of 4x4, Toyota Prius, G-Wiz and LPG-fuelled vehicles as a proportion of the total number of cars registered in each UK post area.

Despite 4x4s being commonly referred to as the ' Chelsea tractor', the GMAP index reveals Londoners do not own a proportionately high number of 4x4s when compared to other cars. On the other hand, the index reveals that consumers in Llandrindod Wells are 2.5 times more likely to own a 4x4 than any other car.

However, the capital does boast a disproportionately high share of vehicles considered more environmentally-friendly, such as the Prius, G-Wiz and LPG fuelled cars. In fact, consumers in N and W London are 8 times more likely to own a Prius than any other car. They are also over twice as likely to own a LPG-fuelled vehicle than any other car.

Key facts revealed by the index:

  • WC London tops both the Prius and G-Wiz indexes. Combined London post areas take up the first six places in both the Prius and G-Wiz indexes with 17.12% and 79.11% of the total models in the UK respectively.
  • Only two London post areas make the top 20 4x4 index. WC London has the highest proportion of 4x4s (in the capital) at 17 th on the national list, with an index rating of 136. EC London is 19th with 134.
  • Rural areas top the 4x4 index and SW London - including Chelsea - is 41st behind other largely urban centres including Inverness, Halifax, Reading and Exeter.
  • NW London is 85th in the 4x4 ranking, with the consumers in this area being 10% less likely to own a 4x4 than any other car. N London, including Islington, is ranked 114th and is 26% less likely to choose a 4x4. Lucky really, seeing as a recent referendum will see parking levys in Islington borough linked with vehicle emissions.
  • SE and E London post areas have the smallest proportions of 4x4s registered in London with indices of 71 and 64 respectively.

GMAP Consulting managing director Kirk Dobie commented:
"This analysis is enlightening. Our index shows perceptions of Londoners owning a high proportion of 4x4s are inaccurate, as less 4x4s are registered in London as a proportion of all the vehicles purchased. More London boroughs are linking vehicle emissions to parking permits and congestion charges, and as Londoners lead the UK for car models that are considered more environmentally friendly, perhaps it is time we revised the whole 'Chelsea tractor' classification."

This analysis has been performed by GMAP Consulting using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.