GMAP Consulting Launches Used Car Market Intelligence Service.

GMAP Consulting, one of the UK's leading suppliers of market intelligence, is launching a new service dedicated to helping used car operators to exploit their local markets more effectively and profitably.

The User Car Market Intelligence service has been set up in response to the lack of market intelligence currently available in the used car sector, and the increasing dependence of dealers on used car sales*.

GMAP Consulting will provide clients with a range of market and customer intelligence, based on used car transactions data, their own customer data, census data, the CAMEO Classifications from parent company EuroDirect and information from a number of other sources. This information will assist them in meeting the demands of their local markets and improving the efficiency of their stock levels and marketing activities.

Clients can benefit from the following areas of intelligence:

  • Used Car Market Maps - showing the extent of local markets, their patterns of used car transactions and customer locations.
  • Used Car Stock Profile - advice on the stock mix required to match local demand.
  • Used Car Sales Plans - sales targets broken down by month by model type to match sales with variations in demand.
  • Demographic Report - analysis of customers to help understand the demographics of existing buyers and the possible locations of new ones.
  • Market Summary Report - identifies the most likely postcodes for new customers, and the types of models, ages and colours they will be interested in.

As well as this information, clients can choose a number of additional services including location planning for new sites, media planning, and the generation of prospect lists.

The User Car Market Intelligence service has been set up by Dr Mark Whitton, who has recently joined GMAP Consulting as Development Director, bringing with him with a wealth of experience in the automotive market. He has developed a series of advanced market intelligence solutions for new car sales, commercial vehicles and used cars.

GMAP carries out network planning and market intelligence work for a range of automotive clients including Mazda, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, DaimlerChrysler, and Land Rover, and a number of major dealer groups.

Dr Mark Whitton comments:
"Used car sales are now the bedrock of most dealer businesses but there is still a real failing when it comes to market intelligence in this sector. When there is information available it is normally based on manufacturers' new car sales territories which don't reflect where sales should really be generated".

"Because of this lack of market intelligence, there is a clear opportunity for us to supply dealers with the level of information they need to improve their used car operations. By utilising their own customer data alongside our other data sources, we can provide clients with in-depth analysis that is easy for them to understand and employ in their sales and marketing activity."

*According to the BCA Used Car Market Report 2003, 6.6 Million used cars were sold in the UK, at a value of £28.1 billion. In 1993 dealers sold 0.8 used cars to each new car, while in 2003 this figures rises to three used cars to one new car.