GMAP Consulting launch Branch Optimisation Service at BSA 2007

GMAP Consulting are to launch their Branch Optimisation Service at the BSA Financial Services Exhibition on 23rd-24 th May. GMAP will be exhibiting on stand 18 where they will demonstrate their innovative solution to the Building Society fraternity.

The service comes in response to the rapid change and growing diversity in the financial services sector. The major challenge that many retail financial service organisations face is to match their current branch network to the growing requirements of their customer base both in terms of their physical location and the tailoring of products and services to match demand. As the challenge of increased competition also becomes more prominent, branch optimisation is a necessity when striving for efficiency and optimum profitability within a network.

Leading Market Analysis and Strategic Network planning experts GMAP, have developed a solution that can help maximise the 'bottom-line' contribution of each and every branch within a network. By analysing local markets, competition, location factors, customer profiles, channel preferences and branch attributes, GMAP is able to produce a bespoke scorecard that can identify key performance indicators for each branch. Using a detailed understanding of individual branch cost drivers and income streams including mortgage and investment interest rates by location, GMAP are then able to establish a true measure of branch performance and contribution to overall network profitability. This process will help building societies benchmark their branches against one another and identify those that are under-performing and are in need of support through local marketing initiatives for example.

Where Mergers and Acquisitions are considered, GMAP are able to offer further assistance in the due diligence process and in the development of post acquisition plans for network consolidation and rationalisation

Andy Fowler , Financial Services Director at GMAP Consulting comments:

"Although a branch network may look in its entirety to be performing well, there are always points of weakness, which when identified can be improved upon."

"Our Branch Optimisation Service and the Branch Contribution Model in particular, can be used to identify where branches are not contributing as much as they could be to the business. When comparing these to those which are achieving greater successes we can help identify the blueprint critical success factors that should be put in place to increase overall profitability."