GMAP Consulting Exhibits MICROVISION Suite at the IDMF 2003

GMAP Consulting will be using the Fair to exhibit MICROVISION, the most advanced premium information and market modelling product in the marketplace and used extensively by a range of blue chip clients around the world.

MICROVISION, provides a global business decision-making solution which combines advanced GIS, geodemographics and bespoke modelling capabilities within a single desktop application. Unique in the marketplace, it provides a powerful tool for market analysis, network planning and channel management. It enables decision makers to understand the complex dynamics of supply and demand within their own market and is tailored to their own requirements using data specific to their market.

Combining complex spatial interaction modelling with a series of geo-referenced datasets it delivers a simple-to-use mapping and reporting interface that allows users to understand and query their branch and channel network, empowering them to increase sales and reduce risks. As well as enabling users to predict and benchmark performance it allows them to assess how change will impact on their business, pinpoint areas of opportunity or threat and ultimately develop optimal strategies of estate management, channel marketing and product mix. The MICROVISION suite of products provide a solution specific to a range of market sectors.

MICROVISION Automotive is a unique system developed for automotive manufacturers and dealer groups looking to find a common framework for analysis across all their brands and the markets that they operate in.

MICROVISION Finance delivers a solution aimed at banks and building societies, helping them to effectively manage their networks and other market channels.

MICROVISION Retail is aimed at supermarkets, convenience stores and high street and out-of-town retailers. It has been built specifically to help its' users to develop new retail strategies and implementation plans to address the different issues present in the retail environment whilst anticipating alternative scenarios.

MICROVISION Forecourt is aimed at oil companies and forecourt operators who are looking to optimise their site potential and maximise revenues from their retail operations. Since its launch, GMAP has licensed the MICROVISION technology to clients in each of these sectors working to develop their market offering in the UK, Europe, South East Asia, South Africa and the Americas.