GMAP Consulting Choose IFFE 2003 to Demonstrate the Ultimate Forecourt Network Planning Solution

The IFFE 2003 provides the ideal platform for GMAP Consulting to demonstrate the unique capabilities of their global strategic planning and decision support software developed specifically for the Forecourt sector.

With many petrol forecourts around the world being transformed from predominantly fuel based locations into valuable retail sites providing convenience-based products and services (e.g. shops, quick-serve restaurants, car washes), today's decision makers in the forecourt industry are faced with a multitude of network planning challenges.

To assist petroleum organisations with their planning solutions, GMAP Consulting have developed a range of business modelling tools that can support key network investment decisions and sales and marketing activities. MICROVISION Forecourt is a modular based desktop system that brings together transactional data with intelligence in geodemographics, market demand, travel patterns and competitive activity to enable companies to calculate what is happening in their market, what might happen given certain scenarios (e.g. site openings, closures, modernisation), and what should happen in an optimal situation.

Professor Martin Clarke, Managing Director of GMAP Consulting believes that any international forecourt planner should not overlook such an opportunity:

"Many multinational companies now appreciate that a whole hearted corporate wide commitment towards strategic planning is crucial to stay competitive in a market that is ever evolving. MICROVISION Forecourt is an ideal solution for those that are this astute "

GMAP Consulting will be demonstrating their MICROVISION Forecourt software and will be happy to discuss the 'success stories' that have emerged since its launch a year ago.

In addition to this exciting development in forecourt planning, GMAP Consulting will also be promoting their consultancy services available for those companies preferring to outsource a particular project.