GMAP Consulting Becomes Approved Supplier of DVLA Data

GMAP Consulting, one of the UK's leading suppliers of market intelligence to the automotive, retail, forecourt and financial sectors, has been appointed an approved supplier of DVLA Data. This enables GMAP to launch a range of new products and services dedicated to helping all automotive related industries exploit their local markets more effectively and profitably through the use of DVLA data.

The DVLA database covering 33 million vehicles currently registered in the UK is now available from GMAP Consulting. It provides detail on every vehicle - cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes - registered within the UK at postal sector level. GMAP will process monthly used car transactions from this database to provide the most accurate picture of the UK used car market. It is updated quarterly to ensure users always have an up-to-date picture of the current marketplace. In addition historical data is also available back to 2000 enabling users to assess changing trends in the automotive market over the last five years.

The DVLA database provides access to 28 different vehicle attributes, which can be grouped together as follows:

  • Model Data: including the make and model of every registered car in addition to its colour, body type, engine size, seating capacity, fuel type, transmission and wheel plan.
  • Event Data: including date of manufacture, date of export, date of first registration, date of acquisition by current keeper, date of acquisition and disposal by previous keeper and final date of scrapping.
  • Specialist Market Data: including flags for imported cars, flags for kit built cars and flags identifying cherished registration plate transfers.
  • Owner Data: including total number of keepers, current keepers title, partial postcode, date of acquisition and previous keepers title, partial postcode, date of acquisition and date of disposal.
  • Tax Data: including the current tax class for the vehicle, the current license period and the previous license period.
  • Accident Data: the rebuilt flag identifies that the vehicle has been totally rebuilt following an accident.

This intelligence will assist all automotive players - from dealers and manufacturers, through to insurance companies, financiers, servicing and parts distributors through to specialist automotive retailers - by helping them to thoroughly understand and meet the demands of their local markets. It will help them improve their market and network knowledge, the efficiency of their stock planning and their sales activities as well as assisting in location planning for new sites, media planning for advertising promotion and the generation of prospect lists for direct and unaddressed mail.

GMAP Consulting will be providing this data in a range of ways to help users at all levels to access the data in the most cost effective and user-friendly way. Users will be able to either extract the data themselves or use our Bureau and Analytics service as a hassle-free alternative. GMAP Consulting will also be delivering a range of packaged products which they will be launching over the next few months.

Used within GMAP's MICROVISION market intelligence software, users can visualise, map, profile and report on this data to help develop their network planning and sales and marketing strategies. The DVLA data can also be used in conjunction with the CAMEO consumer classifications and the vast array of individual consumer datasets available from GMAP's parent company and leading database marketing organisation EuroDirect to help maximise marketing potential. In addition, credit data from their sister company and credit reference agency Callcredit, can also be used to add a dimension of credit risk intelligence to any financial offers.

The Group currently work with a range of automotive clients including Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, DaimlerChrysler, LDV, Land Rover and Volkswagen Finance and a number of major dealer groups on a variety of different network planning, market intelligence and marketing projects.

Mark Whitton, Automotive Sales Director for GMAP Consulting comments:
"The DVLA database is a highly valuable source of automotive market intelligence. It can be used to achieve operational excellence across all areas from new and used car market analysis through to dealer and service centre site location, sales planning, stock profiling and niche marketing through leaflet drops and direct mail. Used alongside our other data assets and software technologies this is a powerful addition to any sales and marketing strategy."