GMAP Automotive Wins Ford Contract

Ford Motor Company Ltd has appointed GMAP as its supplier of network planning and market intelligence services.

GMAP was awarded the contract because of its track record of producing advanced, actionable automotive intelligence and for its cross-market experience in the retail, financial and forecourt sectors. GMAP won the business in an open tender process involving several competitors and takes over the account from present incumbents Polk.

"We are delighted to have won the Ford of Britain business", said Dr Mark Whitton, GMAP Automotive Sales Director. "Ford is not only the country's car and commercial vehicle market leader, but many of our team have worked closely with them over the years, and are keen to help Ford maximise its opportunities in the new post-Block Exemption trading environment".

The commercial value of continually evaluating dealer networks is high, particularly in the key battleground of metro markets. With the market intelligence GMAP can provide through its MICROVISION technology and online reporting, Ford will have access to market information at local level to build business cases for site investment or new dealer sites.

GMAP's comprehensive data resources enable Ford to obtain PARC, used vehicle transactions and registrations data from its DVLA data set. GMAPs comprehensive consumer intelligence can also be used to identify the types of people buying vehicles. Intelligence derived from EuroDirect's CAMEO Classification and Data Exchange intelligence products, combined with competitor, drive-time and geographical data sets, help define local market areas, model expected revenues and market share, and develop incisive marketing initiatives.

"In the new post-Block Exemption world manufacturers, such as Ford of Britain, will require access to broad information solutions that link traditional market analysis with detailed consumer data", said John Chesworth, GMAP Automotive Business Development Director. "They will need to guide dealers and dealer groups to unexploited opportunities at a local level and assist them in locating the best prospects within them through thorough geo-demographic research."

GMAP has over 20-years experience in network planning in the automotive sector, across Europe. Clients include such high profile names as Exxon Mobil and Total and it is already an approved supplier to Ford's premium brands group which includes Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar.