GIS 2001 Exhibition

The GIS 2001 Exhibition provides the ideal event for EuroDirect to present the latest edition to their product portfolio - DemoGraf* Walkround.

This is a unique and revolutionary system developed by EuroDirect and provided as a bureau service to optimise the activities of field canvassing teams, enabling national door-to-door marketing campaigns to be planned, executed and managed at a local level with the greatest of accuracy and efficiency. Using innovative and advanced area analysis, segmentation, clustering and data delivery techniques, EuroDirect have brought door-to-door canvassing into the twenty first century.

In addition, EuroDirect's attendance at the GIS Exhibition will also concentrate on their specialist DemoGraf* GIS Systems, which enable users to plan and execute a consolidated marketing strategy across the whole of the British Isles. Combining their established DemoGraf* technology with their range of classification systems for Great Britain, Northern and Republic of Ireland, they have developed a universal application interface, which can be utilized without the need for retraining. Their integral CAMEO Classifications incorporate a unique international coding system for identifying and targeting similar customer types across borders.