Gain More Qualified Credit Applicant Referrals Through www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk

Financial organisations can now benefit from pre-scored credit card and personal loan applicant referrals through EuroDirect's www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk.

www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk is designed to match consumers borrowing needs with the most appropriate lenders, subject only to their credit rating. This new channel for customer recruitment delivers new pre-qualified prospective customers straight into your decisioning systems. As such financial organisations can now choose to accept customer referrals via a pre-scoring process that directs consumers to the credit cards and loans that match their lending criteria and consumers can then click directly through to that lender's online application form.

EuroDirect, part of the Skipton Information Group and sister company of the credit reference agency Callcredit, already has MyCreditZoo Affiliate Schemes running with financial organisations such as Cahoot, Capital One, Citi Cards, Direct Line, Egg, Freedom Finance, HFC, Lloyds TSB, Morgan Stanley, Norwich Union, Sainsbury's and Virgin, to name a few.

EuroDirect will be embarking on a major campaign of direct marketing, targeting volume consumers each month to drive traffic to the site. As a leading database marketing supplier their wealth of consumer data and targeting expertise will be beneficial in accurately reaching the mass market. This direct approach will also be supported by a range of other marketing channels. By affiliating with www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk, credit card and loan companies can benefit from an increased volume of web applications with the assurance that those applying will have much higher acceptance rates.

This will be achieved by working with lenders to match their lending criteria as closely as possible to the MyCreditZoo scoring system.

www.MyCreditZoo.c.uk offers consumers a free direct response service which enables consumers to find the best credit card or loan for their personal circumstances and apply instantly online. It works by asking consumers a number of personal questions and credit scores them online enabling them to be matched up with the individual lender's approval criteria. It then instantly lists which credit card or loan companies and exactly which brands are most likely to accept a full application. Users can then click directly through to apply online.

The service is fast, convenient and free for consumers. Even consumers without a perfect credit history are still able to access credit facilities from those selected lenders who are able to help.

www.MyCreditzoo.co.uk aims to help promote the responsible use of credit. Therefore the service provides full details of each product including interest rates, fees and special terms - the all important 'small print', so consumers can be better informed before they make a credit decision. The service also enables consumers to access Callcredit's www.mycallcredit.com to purchase their full credit report online, for a one-off fee. With identify fraud on the increase, this provides consumers with peace of mind by allowing them to regularly view their credit report and monitor their current credit status.

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect, comments: "We're pleased to be able to offer lenders the opportunity to benefit from MyCreditZoo referrals. It will enable financial providers to acquire applicants that are pre-qualified, based on the criteria the organisations provide us with."

"For consumers it is futile to apply for a financial product which is not appropriate for their circumstances and MyCreditZoo takes the pain and hassle out of rejections for both the applicants and the organisations, helping consumers to understand which credit and loan companies would be most likely to lend to them in an instant."

Further affiliate enquiries are welcomed and should be forwarded to: 'affiliates@mycreditzoo.co.uk.'