Focus on Volkswagen Polo

Did you know…?

Key Statistics:

  • Automotive experts GMAP Consulting (Part of Callcredit Information Group) have analysed the latest market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data to provide an insight into the 567,536 Volkswagen Polos currently registered in the UK.

  • Volkswagen Polos represent 1.880% of all UK registered cars.

  • 50.99% of UK Volkswagen Polos belong to private female owners, and 36.72% to males. 4.60% of Volkswagen Polos are company car owned. The remaining cars have no gender assigned.

  • 51.02% of Volkswagen Polos are 5 door hatchbacks and 43.96% are 3 door hatchbacks.

  • 7.49% of Volkswagen Polo owners have chosen to put private plates on their vehicle.

  • 0.50% of Volkswagen Polos are classified as Imports.

  • The top 10 locations to see Volkswagen Polos are: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Guildford, Manchester, Leicester, Reading, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Edinburgh.

  • Silver/Aluminium is the most popular colour amongst Volkswagen Polo owners and accounts for 24.79%. Blue (23.85%) is the second most popular choice, and Black the third most popular choice with a 15.62% share.

  • 12.13% of Volkswagen Polos have engine sizes below 1149, 30.61% have engines between 1150-1349, 47.36% have engines between 1350-1549. The remaining 9.91% have engines above 1550.

  • 11.17% Volkswagen Polos are under 2 years old, 12.55% are between 2 and 4 years old and 69.10% are over 5 years.

This analysis has been performed by GMAP using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.