Financial worries of festival goers

15 percent of Britons have fallen victim to financial crime whilst at festivals.

Key statistics:
• 15pc of Britons have fallen victim to financial crime whilst at festivals, with the 25-34 year olds being worst affected (19pc)
• 28pc (nearly three out of ten) of festival goers are concerned about becoming a victim of financial crime whilst at a festival
• Over half (54pc) of those who have been exposed to crime at festivals have had their wallets stolen

Whether you're basking in glorious sunshine or up to your knees in mud, festivals have always been a place to unwind and listen to your favourite bands. But chilling out and not being as vigilant as you should be at festivals has lead to music fans falling victim to financial criminals.

Independent research commissioned by credit report provider Callcredit Check has revealed that 15pc of the UK population has suffered some form of financial crime whilst at a festival (1), with those aged 25-34 years the worst affected (19pc).

Even if you are one of the more fortunate people who escape the criminals, nearly three out of ten festival goers (28pc) still report that they are concerned about becoming a victim (2).

Owen Roberts, ID fraud prevention expert at www.callcreditcheck.com , comments: "With great music to listen to and the exciting atmosphere to soak up, it's not surprising that people let their guard down at times like this. Our research shows that over half (54pc) of people who have fallen prey to criminals had their wallets stolen at festivals (3), so our advice to festival-goers is to stay vigilant at all times and keep your wallet and cards in a safe place.

"Falling victim to financial crime can cause you an unnecessary amount of money and hassle, so it's of utmost importance to be aware of the consequences and attempt to prevent it from happening. Checking your credit report regularly and signing up to email alerts will notify you of any changes to your credit report as soon as they happen. These changes could be an indication of ID fraud, so we urge you to keep track of all movements."

Callcredit's tips for avoiding having your identity stolen at festivals:
1. Keep important items, such as cash, driving licence and credit cards in separate places to minimise the risk of having them all stolen together
2. Make sure you know where your cards are at all times - cards can be cloned very quickly so never allow staff to take them out of your sight
3. Check bank statements for discrepancies when you return - small unrecognised amounts can often be the precursors to larger fraudulent purchases
4. Regularly check your credit report at sites such as www.callcreditcheck.com - this will give you an overview of all of your accounts at the same time and can provide email alerts to notify you of any changes to your report


V-festival (Chelmsford)
22nd - 23rd August 2009

28th - 30th August 2009

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Research information
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2218 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 21st - 23rd July 2009. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

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