Fair Isaac Scores Again for Callcredit

Credit reference agency Callcredit has agreed to a new deal extending its strategic alliance with leading edge analytics company Fair Isaac for an additional three years.

Under the alliance, which was originally formed in 2001, Fair Isaac has been responsible for creating and developing the predictive models for CallScore, Callcredit's credit risk scoring system.

John McAndrew, Callcredit's managing director said:

"We are delighted to be reaffirming our successful partnership with Fair Isaac. As the depth and breadth of our data has increased, CallScore has developed into a powerful and effective tool for predicting credit risk.

With Fair Isaac now in the process of making CallScore fully empirical we are confident it will soon be outperforming other credit scoring systems."

Brian Cooper, global scoring solutions director of Fair Isaac added:

"We are very happy that our relationship with Callcredit in the UK has been extended. The need for a leading edge risk management and evaluation tool such as CallScore has never been more important, especially in the financial services sector, and we are delighted to be working alongside Callcredit to bring this important solution to the marketplace.

CallScore is unique in the UK market as it is the only credit bureau risk score powered by industry proven FICO scoring technology. We have already started work on the new version of CallScore, which will be available later this year and is designed to provide UK lenders with unprecedented predictive power for highly accurate, consistent and profitable credit decisions."