EuroDirect Unveils Global DM Solution at the European Mail Users Forum 8th-9th October, Brussels

EuroDirect will be using the European Mail Users Forum to showcase their wide range of consumer targeting systems, now available for every key nationally defined market in the world. For companies looking to segment, profile and target consumers on a global scale, this provides an exciting and revolutionary development in Direct Marketing.

Over the last 5 years, EuroDirect have developed a complete suite of global CAMEO Classifications. These have been designed to provide direct marketers with the intelligence to thoroughly understand their customers in terms of their geodemographic and socio-economic characteristics, and utilise this information to find prospects with similar profiles.

EuroDirect have a full range of systems available for Western Europe, including UK, Germany, France and Italy. With systems also available across Eastern Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas, EuroDirect are able to provide a complete global solution.

For companies looking to develop an integrated global campaign, rather than focussing on individual companies in isolation, the global market can be looked at as a whole using EuroDirect's CAMEO International classification.

CAMEO International is a classification system in its own right, which enables users to consistently segment, analyse and target the global consumer universe across national borders using the two key marketing factors: Lifestage and Affluence.

CAMEO International enables users to translate and consolidate direct marketing strategies across every continent in the world, by enabling organisations to use a profile of their current customers to locate and accurately target 'look-a-like' prospects in any other country.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager, EuroDirect comments: "Expanding operations overseas can often be a daunting task for many marketers. However, EuroDirect are ideally placed to assist companies successfully develop recruitment, retention, cross-sell and up-sell strategies in a highly targeted and cost effective manner."