EuroDirect Unveils European Targeting Solutions at DIMA Germany 2004, Hall 15 Stand D41, 27-29th September, Dusseldorf

EuroDirect, Europe's leading data specialist, plans to launch a full suite of consumer classification systems at the DIMA Germany 2004 Exhibition. These include: CAMEO Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & Ireland.

These European additions to the global suite consolidate CAMEO as the world-leading consumer profiling and targeting system. The systems are used by both marketers that operate in a single country, or for pin-point targeting on a regional or even global basis. For companies looking for the ultimate scaleable segmentation and targeting system, CAMEO provides an exciting and revolutionary development in direct marketing.

The development of CAMEO has required one of the most intensive research programmes ever undertaken by an international marketing organisation. As a result of this commitment to become the market leader, EuroDirect is able to make available a complete suite of global classifications under the CAMEO brand, including CAMEO Germany, CAMEO France, CAMEO Belgium and CAMEO Netherlands. Each system has been designed to provide direct marketers with the intelligence to thoroughly understand their customers in terms of their geodemographic and socio-economic characteristics, and utilise this information to target prospects with similar profiles.

EuroDirect have a full range of additional overseas systems currently available including classifications for countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas.

For companies looking to develop an integrated global campaign, rather than focussing on individual countries in isolation, the global market can be looked at as a whole using EuroDirect's CAMEO International classification. CAMEO International enables users to translate and consolidate direct marketing strategies across every continent in the world. It enables organisations to profile their current global customers using a single classification. This can also then be used to locate and accurately target 'look-a-like' prospects in any other country.

To supplement its market offering, EuroDirect will be showcasing its award-winning marketing GIS system MICROVISION, which is available for Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and all the other key global markets. MICROVISION is a single platform that uses common information to serve multiple business applications. From direct marketing through to store location planning and network optimisation, it enables disparate business functions to identify and capitalise on market opportunities wherever they may be. MICROVISION is available as four modules:

  • MICROVISION Marketing Manager - for understanding your customers, retaining them and locating more prospects like them.
  • MICROVISION Market Maker - for defining your markets, understanding customer spend, current sales activity and identifying pockets of untapped potential.
  • MICROVISION Optimiser - for devising optimal plans for spatial business issues such as store location, site volume and territory definition.
  • MICROVISION Modeller - for analysing network and store performance and understanding the impacts of change.

Wim Schapp, Area Manager Germany, comments: "Expanding operations overseas can often be a daunting task for many marketers. However, EuroDirect are ideally placed to assist companies successfully develop recruitment, retention, cross-sell and up-sell strategies in a highly targeted and cost effective manner. Our award winning products and services are specifically designed to cater for the needs of marketers at home and abroad, and are now used by three out of the world's top five mult-inational organisations."