EuroDirect Showcase Their Latest Database Marketing Solutions & Consumer Lists at the Data Show 2006

EuroDirect, one of the UK's leading data specialists, has chosen this year's Data Show to exhibit their very latest geodemographic classifications, consumer data lists, marketing information systems and database marketing services. They will also be using this platform to talk directly to direct marketers to identify what the ir data and software requirements are for the year ahead.

EuroDirect has undertaken one of the most extensive investment programs in the industry during 2006, and have continued to launch innovative products and services that will enable direct marketers to target prospects with greater ease and precision. At the show EuroDirect will be showcasing the following products:

  • Discoverer - An online Windows based customer analysis tool for advanced data analysis, modelling and prospect scoring.
  • Global CAMEO Classifications - Four new classifications have been developed by EuroDirect including Mexico, South Africa, Slovakia and Scotland. The full suite of classifications can be used to classify 1.4b consumers in 30 countries worldwide.
  • DVLA Data - Together with sister company GMAP Consulting, this unique dataset has been introduced to help automotive clients perform detailed catchment analysis, location planning, leaflet distribution and media planning campaigns.

Their commitment to innovation has also resulted in several existing products being redeveloped to make them even more powerful. Using the very latest data sets, statistical modelling techniques and software development capabilities, EuroDirect have enhanced a wide blend of products, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry and sustain their reputation for delivering cutting edge DM solutions. Examples include:

  • CAMEO Property+ - This household level classification has been completely rebuilt using the most up-to-date house price data.
  • CAMEO Lifestyle - A powerful segmentation tool, this classification was rebuilt in 2006 using new data sets. Three new lifestage / lifestyle categories have also been added including 'Penny-Wise Pensioners', ' Struggling Families' and 'Secure Singles'.
  • CAMEO Choices - Key attributes have been rebuilt to make them even more predictive. A new tenure attribute has also been added looking at people who own their homes outright.
  • UK CAMEO Classifications - These classifications have been rebuilt to incorporate the latest source data and postcode updates.
  • Global CAMEO Classifications - CAMEO Switzerland, Singapore and Spain have been completely rebuilt using the latest data available.
  • Data Exchange - The Data Exchange consumer universe was rebuilt again in 2006 using the latest data feeds and now consists of over 41m prospects .
  • MICROVISION - The 2006 version has been released and incorporates a wealth of new functionality such as profile comparison reports that enable users to analyse one CAMEO profile against other profiles or catchments to identify 'goodness of fit' for cross sell, up sell and product launch strategies.

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect comments:

"Substantial investment over the last few years has enabled EuroDirect to develop a comprehensive range of data assets and DM solutions that deliver real benefits to our clients. Our progress throughout 2006 can be dedicated to the close relationships we have with our loyal customer base and our ability to appreciate and fulfil their database and information requirements."