EuroDirect moves into European territory

Marking their 10th Anniversary, EuroDirect are extending their CAMEO Classifications and DemoGraf* Software systems across Europe, in the first stage of their development of International consumer classifications and marketing information software.

When entering global markets and developing a customer acquisition strategy, it may be difficult to know where to start. Following substantial investment, EuroDirect have developed a range of geodemographic classifications and marketing GIS solutions for countries across Western Europe which provide the answer. Their new European CAMEO Classification systems combined with DemoGraf* International, now provide clients with an insight into the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of European consumer markets.

The comprehensive suite of targeting systems delivered through CAMEO provides the means by which users can segment, profile and target overseas consumers with ease and accuracy. They have been built using extensive variables from a variety of international datasets, providing powerful discriminators that can be utilised in all aspects of direct marketing.

With integral CAMEO Classifications, drivetime, mapping and reporting, functionality, DemoGraf * International provides a user-friendly GIS solution which can be used to analyse markets, evaluate catchment areas and plan and manage sales territories within any European country.

To supplement these systems, EuroDirect have also developed a single classification, CAMEO International, which provides a unique solution when entering international markets for the first time where no current customer data is available. This provides a system which allows users to translate consumer profiles across borders and use this as a basis for their initial targeting activity.

Over the course of the next 12 to 18 months, EuroDirect are confident that they will have further developed their international portfolio, with the introduction of classifications and marketing information systems across Eastern Europe and Asia.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager, comments: " As the global marketplace develops and clients look to undertake international campaigns, we will be ideally placed to assist in their programs of recruitment and retention in a highly targeted and cost effective manner."

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect adds: " This is an exciting time for EuroDirect. We are now truly living up to our name and furthering our reputation".