EuroDirect Launches UK Deprivation Classification - CAMEO Welfare

With recent news highlighting that UK poverty is on the rise, especially among the elderly and children, consumer intelligence specialist EuroDirect has today announced the launch of their latest consumer classification for the UK - CAMEO Welfare.

CAMEO Welfare has been developed to help marketers assess levels of deprivation and poverty across the UK population. It provides a unique tool for profiling and modelling to help in analysing and targeting consumer groups in need of key products or services.

Built at postcode level, CAMEO Welfare comprises 28 categories, where neighbourhoods classified as 1 are the least deprived and those neighbourhoods classified as 28 are the most deprived. As part of the build, EuroDirect has considered a variety of circumstances that contribute to deprivation including:

• Quality of Environment
• Levels of Crime
• General Health
• Levels of Unemployment
• Educational Attainment
• Income Levels

Geographical location has also been taken into account and as such CAMEO Welfare segments areas by their level of deprivation into three geographical areas: Cities, Towns and Rural Areas.

This powerful classification has been built using Deprivation Statistics sourced from Central Government and supplemented with additional intelligence from EuroDirect's vast data resources.

Leanne Davidson, Head of Product Management at EuroDirect comments:
"CAMEO Welfare adds a new dimension to the CAMEO suite of classifications by looking at poverty levels across the UK. The complete CAMEO suite now enables organisations to gauge consumers from all angles and identify which factors can differentiate between consumer groups.

Dependent on a company's product offering and audience, CAMEO Welfare may provide additional targeting power to help identify key consumer groups most suitable for their products and services. It allows users to identify and assess the full spectrum of segments across the UK population from the most affluent demographics down to the least. "


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