EuroDirect Launches New, Even More Powerful Version of CAMEO Lifestyle

As a leading provider of targeting solutions for both the UK and overseas markets, EuroDirect is continually innovating and redeveloping their systems to increase their discrimination and predictivity. As part of this ongoing development, CAMEO Lifestyle has been completely remodelled to provide exceptional customer insight and prospecting power.

CAMEO Lifestyle is a highly discriminative segmentation system built at household level, which is simple to use and easy to interpret. This unique lifestyling system enables organisations to fully understand three different dimensions of their customers, each a key driver of any DM campaign:

  • Typical Head Of Household Age
  • Typical Household Income and Affluence
  • Typical Lifestage and Lifestyle

Using a simple 3-digit code, CAMEO Lifestyle segments every household in the UK into 7 key age bands, 9 levels of income and affluence and now 17 key lifestyle/lifestage groups including: 'Accomplished Singles', 'Go Getting DINKys', 'Contemporary Elders', 'Poundstretching Twosomes', 'Thriving & Thrifty Families' and 'Proud Parents Coping Alone'.

CAMEO Lifestyle is already used by a large number of clients across all industry sectors to help in their programmes of customer acquisition, retention and development.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager, EuroDirect comments:

"By utilising data from a variety of different sources we have been able to make a hugely powerful system even more effective for our customers."

"When applied across a clients' database it provides a unique and accurate insight into their customers' purchasing powers, product persuasions and demographics. When applied across our Data Exchange consumer universe it provides an invaluable prospect pool of 45 million individuals for target marketing."