EuroDirect Launches New Council Tax Band & Property Price Data Following Government Revaluation of Wales

Early 2005 saw the government revalue every home in Wales as part of their Council Tax evaluation. EuroDirect have now processed this data and are now able to provide council tax bands and accurate predictions of house prices for every household in the UK.

Not only does the value of a consumers' home help Direct Marketers to assess their lifestyle but it also provides an accurate indicator of wealth and likely disposable income which are some of the most important tools in a marketers data kit. With house prices at record levels its important to be able to understand the real value of a consumers' home within their asset portfolio, especially as we see consumers releasing their equity for one-off major purchases and in retirement years to supplement their income.

For these reasons, Property Price and Council Tax Band data provides an invaluable tool for the direct marketing industry.

Following the governments revaluation of all the homes in Wales as part of their council tax assessment, EuroDirect have released a new version of CAMEO Property+ which provides accurate property valuations for every single house in the UK alongside council tax bandings. Although properties in England and Scotland only have 8 bands (A to H, where H is the highest value), properties in Wales are now classified into 9 bands (A to I, where I is the most expensive).

CAMEO Property+ can be used in a wide range of marketing applications, from database enhancement through to profiling and modelling to increase customer understanding. In addition, the Council Tax Band Data and property valuations are appended to our latest Electoral Roll and Data Exchange data pools as valuable selection criteria.

John Dobson, Managing Director, EuroDirect comments:
"This is yet another clear demonstration of EuroDirect's ability to create and be the first to market with new and innovative data products."