EuroDirect launches MICROVISION and new CAMEO classifications at IDMF 2004

EuroDirect is further broadening its product and service portfolio by launching a range of new and improved products at the International Direct Marketing Fair 2004. The company will be releasing a new set of CAMEO Classifications, alongside the announcement of the rebranding and redevelopment of its successful DemoGraf* Software under the MICROVISION name.

Following the release of the Census and other key datasets, EuroDirect will be launching it's six new UK CAMEO Classifications. These new systems are each available at postcode level and provide marketers with a set of highly discriminative segmentation systems which are simple to use and easy to interpret. The new classifications include:

  • CAMEO UK - built from the new 2001 Census combined with a wide range of key individual level datasets and now containing 58 categories and 10 groups.
  • CAMEO Financial - based on up-to-the-minute county court judgement data from sister company Callcredit.
  • CAMEO Investor - constructed from EuroDirect's new FTSE 350 database of investors.
  • CAMEO Income - utilising the vast array of income data from their Data Exchange.
  • CAMEO Property and CAMEO Property+ - the first postcode and individual household level segmentation system, based on council tax band data and 2003 property valuations
  • CAMEO Unemployment - rebuilt using 2003 Government unemployment statistics.

EuroDirect has further strengthened its market offering by redeveloping and expanding its award winning marketing GIS system DemoGraf*, under the brand MICROVISION which it will be demonstrating at this years IDMF. The development of the MICROVISION product enables EuroDirect to reposition its product and service offering much closer with its network planning and business modelling division GMAP Consulting. MICROVISION is a single platform that uses common information to serve multiple business applications. From direct marketing through to estate management, strategic planning and network optimisation, it enables disparate business functions to identify and capitalise on market opportunities.
MICROVISION will be available on license as four modules:

  • MICROVISION Marketing Manager - for understanding your customers, retaining them and locating more prospects like them.
  • MICROVISION Market Maker - for defining your markets, understanding customer spend, current sales activity and identifying pockets of untapped potential.
  • MICROVISION Optimiser - for devising optimal plans for spatial business issues such as store location, site volume and territory definition.
  • MICROVISION Modeller - for analysing network and store performance and understanding the impacts of change

The international faces of MICROVISION and CAMEO are equally exciting. The technology behind MICROVISION and our range of global CAMEO classifications have been used in over 30 international markets during 2003 for various clients. The plan for 2004 is to extend both MICROVISION and CAMEO to deliver a truly global coverage serving all 60 countries where a developed commercial consumer economy exists.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager of EuroDirect comments: "The advances in both our CAMEO and MICROVISION products have enabled us to continue to offer our clients the most up to date and powerful tools available. In addition, the success of our International products in 2003 has led to the development of additional products in both the CAMEO and MICROVISION suites that further allow clients to operate effectively in overseas markets. We look forward to demonstrating both new product suites at this years IDMF."