EuroDirect Launches It's First Consumer Proposition

EuroDirect, one of the UK's leading suppliers of data and technology solutions to the direct marketing industry, has branched out with the launch of its first consumer offering: www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk.

www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk is a free direct response service offered by EuroDirect which enables consumers to find the best credit card or loan for their personal circumstances and apply instantly online.

By inserting a number of details about themselves, www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk scores consumers and matches them to the lenders most likely to lend to them. It takes the time, hassle, embarrassment and frustration out of applying for credit

and speeds up the approval process by providing consumers with a list of lenders and products that match their credit profile. It also provides full details about each credit card or personal loan, including their good and bad points which are often buried in the small print. The site also offers consumers the option of purchasing their full credit report online from EuroDirect's sister company CallCredit at: www.MyCallcredit.com

EuroDirect will be embarking on a major below-the-line campaign targeting volume consumers each month to drive traffic to the site. This direct approach will also be supported by a range of other marketing channels.

The list of credit card and personal loan lenders already affiliated with www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk is vast and includes such players as Cahoot, Capital One, Citi Cards, Direct Line, Egg, Freedom Finance, HFC, Lloyds TSB, Morgan Stanley, Norwich Union, Sainsbury's and Virgin, to name a few.

To extend this service even further affiliate enquiries are invited and should be forwarded to : ' affiliates@mycreditzoo.co.uk'.

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect, comments: "This is an exciting diversification for EuroDirect as it represents our first direct consumer service. www.MyCreditZoo.co.uk takes the sting out of applying for credit cards and loans - a process which can often be time-consuming and humiliating for those seeking credit."

"It is futile applying for a financial product which is not appropriate for your circumstances as more often than not, the application will be rejected. Our understanding of the Financial Services Industry and the Skipton Information Group's significant experience of the Credit Industry allows us to calculate an individual's credit score and locate the lenders who are most likely to approve their application."

"Our wealth of consumer data ensures we are well placed to be able to target the mass market. We will be using our 'Forensic Analytics' skills alongside the 'Data Exchange' to develop a strong targeting strategy which we anticipate will maintain good levels of volume traffic to the site."