EuroDirect Launches 'Forensic Analytics' To Help Mass Mailers Optimise ROI

Following a highly successful 2004, leading data specialists EuroDirect have started the year as they mean to proceed, with the launch of yet another innovation: a specialist data science for mass mailers.

Forensic Analytics has been launched to help organisations who manage large direct mail campaigns ensure that their next promotion performs better, costs less and ultimately provides a much greater return on marketing investment than ever before.

Forensic Analytics is a new data science which introduces a fresh dimension of intelligence to campaign planning. For organisations who mail a multitude of lists in a single campaign, the Forensic Analytics service enables them to see which lists or which parts of lists will not be responsive before they even mail them.

Using a range of retrospective and prognostic modelling and scoring techniques, EuroDirect will run the clients customer files and proposed mailing files against their vast data assets of over 43 million individuals and 300 plus consumer attributes, including credit risk data to identify the discriminates of response. This analysis will then enable EuroDirect to identify which datasets and individuals are likely to be non-responders. Once these indifferent segments have been removed, EuroDirect will replenish the prospect pool with data from Data Exchange which is likely to be far more responsive.

Users are invited to try out this new system by allowing EuroDirect to perform a retrospective scoring exercise on a past campaign. EuroDirect will use their innovative analysis techniques and vast data assets to predict the already known results of the campaign, highlighting which datasets/records were responsive and which weren't.

John Dobson, Managing Director, EuroDirect comments:
"EuroDirect are as always looking for ways in which we can harness the power of data to further improve the success of DM campaigns. "

"At EuroDirect we are far better placed than others in the marketplace to provide a service like this. In a declining data market, we continue to have access to mass market of data, including credit risk data, and a level of analytical capability and data expertise mastered by few. This new innovation will change the landscape of data acquisition."