EuroDirect Launches Five CAMEO Workplace Classifications

As ever, EuroDirect are innovating. This week sees the launch of a suite of new products aimed at helping high street retailers and financial institutions understand the 9-5 market that their outlets are serving.

CAMEO Workplace has been developed using a combination of Census Journey To Work data and EuroDirect's highly successful CAMEO Classifications. It provides retailers with a unique way of profiling and understanding their weekday 9-5 consumer markets.

This concept delivers powerful insights that can be used to analyse their outlet network and plan sales and marketing activities around them. It also enables retailers to optimise their product, promotion and resourcing strategies around the populations which they are serving throughout the working week.

CAMEO Workplace is available in five different varieties enabling users to understand local markets from five different aspects:

  • CAMEO UK - for understanding the geodemographic and socio-economic make-up of daytime populations
  • CAMEO Income - for assessing the income profiles of workplace markets
  • CAMEO Financial - for evaluating the credit risk profiles of daytime consumers
  • CAMEO Investor - for understanding the financial sophistication of workplace populations

The classification system is available at either post sector or output area level and can be built into our MICROVISION market intelligence system, as we have already done for one of the UKs largest retailers.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager at EuroDirect comments: "This is an exciting development for all the brands we see in the high street. Never before has journey to work data been collected for everyone so this provides a truly accurate picture of 'lunchtime' potential."