EuroDirect Launches CAMEO Scotland to Complement its Ever-Expanding List of Segmentation Systems

Consumer marketing intelligence specialists EuroDirect has launched CAMEO Scotland to complement its comprehensive range of UK and international consumer classification systems.

Due to client demand, EuroDirect has developed a stand alone classification system for segmenting, profiling and targeting Scottish customers. CAMEO Scotland classifies the Scottish population into 46 consumer types and 10 key marketing groups, including:

'1A: Wealthy Couples & Singles In Executive Apartments'

'2B: Affluent Couples & Older Families In Large Exclusive Properties'

'4E: Young White Collar Couples & Singles In Affluent Urban Apartments'

'10C: Couples & Singles In Poor Quality Hi-Rise Council Flats'

CAMEO Scotland enables organisations to profile and segment their current Scottish customers and effectively identify and target new prospects that display the same geodemographic and socio-economic characteristics.

Built at postcode level, CAMEO Scotland has been built using data from a wide range of sources, including Scottish subsets of the UK Census and individual and household level datasets such as shareholder registers, council tax band data, property valuations, directorships and CCJs. CAMEO Scotland follows the same methodology as all EuroDirect's other CAMEO Classifications and is therefore simple to use and easy to interpret.

Leanne Douglas, Group Product Manager at EuroDirect comments: " For those organisations which have a concentration of customers, stores or branches in Scotland, CAMEO Scotland provides the perfect solution. Whether they are looking to understand their customers more fully, find new prospects, understand their markets or optimise their location strategy, CAMEO Scotland provides a key component in the marketers toolkit. "