EuroDirect Launch MICROVISION 2007

EuroDirect have launched the latest version of their desktop marketing intelligence system MICROVISION. As with all their products, by listening carefully to their clients' needs and suggestions, EuroDirect's vast team of developers and product managers have been working on enhancements and new functionalities throughout the year to make MICROVISION better than ever before.

Renowned as the world's leading marketing intelligence system, MICROVISION has been developed by marketers for marketers to assist in all areas of direct marketing, market analysis and retail planning. EuroDirect are proud to introduce a range of added-value features this year.

Postcode Profiler
The new Postcode Profiler functionality enables users to view a detailed profile of any postcode and unveil a wealth of information about its residential and 9-5 daytime geodemographics and it's media coverage. It also provides a wealth of information on the postcode in terms of its CAMEO UK classification, including lifestyle, financial and attitudinal characteristics as well as brand affinities. Further information about the wider area can also be viewed, such as population projections and consumer spend estimates.

Multi-Thematic Visualisation
The ability to visualise the distribution of your customers' attributes across geographies is a highly valuable tool for marketers. MICROVISION's new Multi-Theme Manager enables users to map multiple variables on a single map using a combination of different themes. For example, you could display areas covered by existing leaflet distributions and overlay this with a thematic layer showing where potential is highest (based on demographic variables), allowing you to pinpoint new areas for targeting.

Catchment Overlap Analysis
Another exciting new feature is the catchment overlap analysis function. When a company's store catchments overlap, whether it be with an existing, new, or competitor's store, the levels of consumer demand and the geodemographics of those consumers within that area of overlap become of great interest. The more that is understood about the consumers within this overlap, the easier it is to attract them towards your business, away from competitors. The new Catchment Overlap Analysis function in MICROVISION enables users to view statistics for these key areas in order to make better informed marketing decisions.

Back up and Restore
EuroDirect recognises the need for multiple users to share the work they have performed in MICROVISION with others. Therefore a new 'Back up and Restore' function has been introduced whereby users can save their work and be able to transfer them onto a new PC or share with others.

Easy Navigation
As well as some major additions to MICROVISION's functionalities, smaller changes have also been made to enhance the software's application. For example, new easy navigation tools have been incorporated making it easier to move around the map display.

Improved Mapping & Drivetimes
By investing in the best quality data in the market place, EuroDirect are now able to offer new and improved mapping capabilities with the ability for users to take advantage of street level mapping should they require it.

By upgrading the drivetime matrices within MICROVISION EuroDirect have also been able to make drivetime calculations more accurate.

With all these new developments to MICROVISION, EuroDirect is perfectly positioned to meet the ever-growing demands of the direct marketing industry in 2007 and beyond.