EuroDirect Launch CAMEO South Africa to Help Marketers Segment 44 million Strong Market

Consumer marketing intelligence specialists EuroDirect has launched CAMEO South Africa to complement its comprehensive range of UK and international consumer classification systems.

Adding to a suite that already consists of over thirty similar classifications, CAMEO South Africa has been developed using the latest Census to help direct marketers profile, segment and target 44m consumers in this thriving market. The classification characterises the South African population into 42 consumer types and 9 key marketing groups, including:

1A: 'Professional Older Homeowners In Exclusive Urban Areas'

3B: 'Young Couples, Singles & Students in Rented Flats & Shared Properties'

4C: 'Rural Workers Living On Rent Free & Collective Farmsteads'

8B: ' Mixed Age Singles & Families In Settled Tribal Communities'

8F: 'Couples, Singles & Young Families In Small Shacks With Poor Amenities'

CAMEO South Africa enables organisations to profile and segment their current customers in this market and effectively identify and target new prospects that display the same geodemographic and socio-economic characteristics.

Built at Sub Place level, CAMEO South Africa has been built using wide ranging data variables including: household income, employment status, occupation, housing tenure and type, household composition, population age and level of educational attainment.

CAMEO South Africa can be supplied as a directory for enhancing consumer databases or as an integral component within EuroDirect's powerful marketing information software, MICROVISION for insightful market and customer analysis.

Leanne Douglas, Head of Product Management and Marketing at EuroDirect comments:

"We are continually looking to add new international classifications to our portfolio, especially in emerging markets and countries where through the line and below the line marketing is becoming more widespread. South Africa is a classic example; more and more companies are investing in this market and are therefore crying out for tools that will help them understand their consumers and ultimately find more that look like them."