EuroDirect introduces a New Year Saver with the launch of CAMEO with Attitude

If your New Year's resolutions are to save thousands off your marketing costs, reduce the mail pack test process to less than a week, make your mailings more appropriate to the target audience and ultimately increase campaign success then EuroDirect's innovative new solution is the answer.

EuroDirect is renowned for bringing new and better ways of targeting to the marketplace and their new offering for 2007 definitely won't disappoint. January sees EuroDirect launch CAMEO with Attitude , their new innovative online market research and data selector panel. It enables marketers to test as many creatives, headlines, copy ideas, offers and benefits packages as they want in less than 7 days to a 20,000 strong panel. Not only does this allow marketers to save as much as £40,000 every time they run a campaign, it also allows them to reduce the campaign test cycle to just days and target every one of their preferred promotions to exactly the audience that likes them.

This revolutionary new approach will change the landscape of campaign creation and packaging, helping those organisations who want to bring a new product to market or repackage a current product or service to do so within a tenth of the time it normally takes!

The idea is simple. Rather then using time consuming and expensive focus groups or street research methods, marketers can test a wide variety of different creative treatments, straplines, sets of copy, prices and benefits packages to an unbiased panel of 20,000 consumers online, enabling the results to be collated and presented within days.

Instead of trying to predict what different consumers will be receptive to, this new system allows marketers to get a current view of exactly what different consumers want and what they don't want.

By linking this market research intelligence directly to EuroDirect's Data Exchange or their clients customer database they can define each prospect group through highly accurate and bespoke targeting models to select the key consumer markets to be targeted with each individually constructed campaign.

John Dobson, Managing Director of EuroDirect comments:

"We've just got to admit it. Consumers today are in control so there's no point guessing what they want when it's so easy to just ask them. CAMEO with Attitude is one of those fantastic 'why ever didn't we think of that before?' type of ideas that can only improve campaign response and profitability. "

"We've already got a number of large clients taking advantage of this digital innovation and this is just the first of many new developments in this arena that we will be launching this year."