EuroDirect Enhances CAMEO Online Service www.cameo-online.co.uk

Consumer marketing experts EuroDirect have today re-launched their UK version of CAMEO Online. This version includes a number of new features that bring added convenience and functionality choice to the fingertips of marketers.

Online CCJ, Bankruptcy & IVA Suppression:
For anyone promoting a credit offer, CAMEO Online now provides a simple and convenient way to manage financial risk before mailing. Using the Public version of CallScreen from Callcredit, CAMEO Online now enables users to remove individuals from their mailing file who have had a CCJ, Bankruptcy or an IVA raised against them within the last 6 years. This function runs simultaneously with the other verification, screening, profiling and appending services making the whole data maintenance process as quick and slick as possible.

Mover Tracing & Occupier Update with GAS Reactive:
CAMEO Online now also includes the GAS Reactive service from The REaD Group. This enables users to identify movers, trace them to their new address and update their old address with the names of the new occupants.

CAMEO Profiling & Appending:
Profiling is available against our full suite of postal CAMEO Classifications at both group and category level, including our latest product CAMEO Welfare. In addition, CAMEO Online now enables users to append the CAMEO Classification codes to their file as part of the same rapid service for further analysis and modelling purposes.

Leanne Davidson, Head of Product Management and Marketing at EuroDirect comments:
"This latest version of CAMEO Online provides some exciting new functionality for our clients including data appending, CCJ suppression and GAS Reactive. CAMEO Online is now amongst the most comprehensive online services available within the marketplace and we are looking to expand upon this functionality even further in the coming months."

"Our international CAMEO Online service is also growing in strength. It now covers countries across Eastern and Western Europe, Australasia, The Americas and Asia, enabling marketers to clean, profile and append CAMEO codes to their global databases with ease whatever country they are operating in."