EuroDirect Defines the Entire UK Shareholding Community with Their New Database Offering

EuroDirect has chosen the International Direct Marketing Fair to launch a unique and exclusive prospect database of named investors from the majority of the UK's 500 top performing companies.

This unique Database is an exciting and valuable data development for the Financial Services community in particular. Providing the names and addresses of the vast majority of UK domestic investors, it presents a prospect pool of highly targeted financially aware and active individuals with high levels of disposable income.

To help companies target this financially sophisticated consumer market, this Database also provides a range of variables indicative of individuals' shareholdings and investor status, including the companies and sectors invested in, number of shares owned, value of each holding and known portfolio values which are calculated regularly against the FTSE-300 Price Index.

EuroDirect have been working on a strategy to define the entire UK consumer shareholding market for the last 12 months. During this time they have computerised in the region of 20 million shareholder records that will be further developed to incorporate another 10 million this year. The total resultant net database along with some 30 million investment variables is likely to be in excess of 10 million private shareholders.

Data partnerships are available for large financial services groups wishing to obtain access to this unique prospect pool.

For fine-tuning data selections, up to 72 CAMEO analysis directory codes can be added to the database for geodemographic targeting. Lifestyle tagging is also available from the Data Exchange environment for further data enhancement. In addition telephone numbers can be appended to optimise direct marketing activity.

John Dobson, Managing Director, comments: "This type of data strategy was utilised extensively by the financial services community in the golden years of the 80s, however the events of Black Monday and the consequent recession of the early 90s soon put pay to this. As a result, many of today's direct marketers are likely to be unaware of the true value of shareholder data in defining wealth and identifying financial awareness and sophistication."

"EuroDirect's Database provides a valuable prospect pool of names and addresses of those who have a known level of affluence and implied disposable income. This is relevant to organisations operating within the financial services sector providing them with unlimited access to the entire investing community for subsequent segmentation, analysis and targeting."