EuroDirect builds HEIDI and Mass Affluent segmentations for Royal Mail

With the current economic situation meaning that people's individual wealth is under increasing scrutiny, EuroDirect has built two new segmentations for Royal Mail enabling marketers to access high-income individuals.

HEIDI, which identifies high earning independent females, and Mass Affluent, which pinpoints prospects aged between 30 and 50 earning over £50,000 a year, have been devised following EuroDirect's appointment to Royal Mail's Data Services Panel in July this year.

It is forecast that by 2025, women will own 60% of the nation's wealth. The HEIDI segmentation builds on this as a valuable target for marketers and looks at women who earn comfortably, live in desirable areas and like to spend. The group is split into four further segments with easy to use descriptions for marketers:

Aspiring Heidi: Aged 21-29, living independently in cosmopolitan areas, on a comfortable wage, with a work hard, play hard attitude.
Genuine Heidi: Aged 25-34, an independent attitude with a significant salary, she can afford to be frivolous and is inclined towards expensive 'label' brands.
Experienced Heidi: Aged 35-44, but living independently, she earns a substantial wage and indulges in the luxuries of life, but is strongly focused on the future.
Domestic Heidi: Aged 25-44, living in high earning large family homes but exhibiting Heidi behavioural traits. They have the most balanced outlook on life.

The Mass Affluent audience covers individuals aged between 30 and 50 who fall between middle class and wealthy consumers. They earn in excess of £50,000 a year and have money to spend. They are willing to pay for quality and luxury items. The segment was named 'Mass Affluent' for Royal Mail because as the audience grows, so does its proportion of the UK's wealth.

Mass Affluent individuals are segmented further into the following groups:

Family Feelgoods
Accomplished Singles
Unattached Traditionalists
Go getting DINKYs
Maintained Single Parents
Contented Greys

Both the HEIDI and Mass Affluent segments were built using the wealth of data assets on EuroDirect's Data Exchange database, which include shareholder records, council tax records, income records, transactional information, household composition information and consumer credit records.

Leanne Davidson, Head of Product Management at EuroDirect comments:
"Information about consumers' wealth, purchasing powers and attitudes has never been as relevant as it is in today's economic climate. The HEIDI and Mass Affluent segments allow marketers to develop a deeper understanding of individuals with higher incomes and can put brands in touch with people who are still willing and in a position to spend money in these difficult times."

Tony Lamb, Head of Data at Royal Mail, adds:
"Royal Mail is committed to improving its existing portfolio of data services to boost the overall performance of direct mail campaigns, making them as effective as possible. Now more than ever it is vital for companies to be as accurate as possible with their targeting of marketing campaigns to prospects as this improves effectiveness while also saving them money.

"These new classifications provide the power to pinpoint and communicate with specific affluent subsets of the UK population, a tremendous asset in the current economic climate. There is a real demand in the marketplace for segmentations which can put companies in touch with these valuable audiences."