EuroDirect Assists Direct Marketers with the launch of the Brand New ‘CAMEO Germany ’

Global geodemographics and marketing intelligence leader EuroDirect has teamed up with Europe's largest data supplier to develop a unique targeting and analysis system for the German market.

The new version of CAMEO Germany has been completely rebuilt and offers fine-level segmentation to assist marketers in their market analysis, and pinpoint targeting of German consumers using data intelligence from AZ Direct and the segmentation expertise of EuroDirect.

Now built at Microcell level, CAMEO Germany has been developed using wide ranging datasets including consumer demographics, land value data, vehicle ownership data, lifestyle and transactional data.

CAMEO Germany classifies this 82-million strong consumer market into 50 highly discriminative household types and 10 key marketing groups, some examples of which follow:

1B: 'Traditional Mature Families In Settled Executive Neighbourhoods'

4F: 'Aspiring & Active Couples & Singles In Modest Urban Dwellings'

6A: 'Less Affluent Singles & Couples In Central Locations'

8D: 'Older Couples & Singles In Poorer City Neighbourhoods'

10F: 'Older Families In Poorer Rural Communities'

CAMEO Germany enables organisations to profile and segment their current German customer base and pinpoint new prospects that display similar geodemographic and lifestyle characteristics to their best customers. CAMEO Germany has applications in targeting direct mail, database modelling, door-to-door canvassing and leaflet drops as well as data screening. In addition this powerful household classification is also beneficial to retail planners that may wish to understand the makeup of their retail catchments or identify new store locations.

CAMEO Germany can be supplied as a directory for appending to consumer databases or as an integral component within EuroDirect's powerful marketing information software, MICROVISION Germany, which can be used for in-depth market and customer analysis and visualisation. Alternatively, CAMEO Germany can be used as a key selector when targeting names and addresses from the German consumer universe.

CAMEO Germany is part of a suite of over 30 consumer classifications built for developed and emerging markets all over the world.

Martin Bradbury, International Client Services Director of EuroDirect comments:
"We are very pleased to have worked with AZ Direct to create this valuable new marketing tool."

"Our continued investment in our global CAMEO Classifications is testament to our commitment to creating marketing tools for our customers that are fit for purpose by being as accurate and precise as possible. The new version of CAMEO Germany has already proved to be much more predictive for our clients. Worldwide, our CAMEO user base is now extensive with many high street brands across all industry sectors incorporating the systems into innovative applications that bring measurable increases to the value of marketing spend and bottom line alike."

Wolfgang Hueffer, Head of Data Solutions, AZ Direct adds:
"We are very happy to join the worldwide CAMEO family and to open up a market of 1.4 billion classified consumers all around the world to our customers. We are convinced that the combination of EuroDirect's wide expertise and AZ Directs leading consumer database will provide our domestic and international costumers with outstanding support in their future marketing efforts whilst providing them with a clearer picture of their target groups. The CAMEO Code is a very efficient, reliable and highly comprehensible tool for pinpointing address selection and performing customer analysis. Due to the complete coverage of the German market CAMEO also improves AZ Directs geo-marketing services substantially and enables our international customers to carry out highly precise cross-border marketing campaigns."