EuroDirect Are First To Market With 2005 New Movers File

Target marketing and intelligence specialists EuroDirect are the first company to market with the 2005 New Movers File, built by comparing last years Edited Electoral Roll with this years'.

Now that the 2005 Electoral Roll build is almost complete, EuroDirect have been able to launch its New Movers File which currently consists of around 4 million individual home movers. This uniquely valuable dataset provides access to consumers who have just appeared on the latest Edited Electoral Roll at a new address.

For many, a new home is often an advancement up the property ladder. For others it will represent a new lifestage, either with a new partner, a new family or starting out on their own. However this life change comes about, it often brings with it a range of consumer needs and desires. In many cases there is an increased demand for personal loan and credit card products for things like home improvements, white goods and furnishings for the home or even to pay for a holiday that they can probably no longer afford now they have a new house.

These consumers are also much more likely than the average person to look at changing their utility providers for gas, electricity, media and telephony as well as potentially changing their water supply to metered.

New Movers are also a prime audience for services within the area such as gym membership and supermarket home deliveries to name a few.

Combine the New Movers file with our CAMEO Classifications at household and postcode level and users can attain a multi-dimensional insight into consumers by assessing their lifestage, property price, credit risk profile, financial sophistication, income and economic activity levels.

John Dobson, Managing Director, EuroDirect comments:
"As leaders in the marketplace, we are pleased to announce the launch of our New Movers file so early in the year, enabling our customers to have access to this hugely valuable dataset for their Spring campaigns."

"For organisations interested in targeting new residents through direct mail or door-to-door canvassing, the opportunities for using the New Movers are limitless."