EU privacy laws - the effect on cookie files

Whilst companies have one year to comply with the new EU privacy law that comes into force at the end of May, it will limit the ways cookie files can be used to track visits to sites by individual devices such as PCs, tablets and smart-phones, and shouldn't be ignored until this time next year.   

Paul Kennedy, Head of Consultancy at Callcredit looks at the impact of the legal change. It's not something which can be addressed with a quick code change.  Rather, the impact requires a rethink of business logic and behavioural design underpinning websites;

  •         how can consumers be best engaged?
  •         what is the ideal customer journey? 

Whilst changes to browser designs will eventually help, these may be some way off.  Equally, it's a high risk strategy to rely on current browser weaknesses to get specific cookie types through under the legislative radar.  Callcredit has identified a number of steps that can be taken now - click here to read.