England Game Costs Average Call Centre £6880

What were your call centre staff doing yesterday afternoon?

England's call centres were struck by steep decline in call traffic yesterday afternoon, as the country stood still to watch England's win against Slovenia.  In a 500-seat call centre paying staff an average hourly wage of £6.88, two idle hours equates to more than £6,800 in wasted resource.

"It's inevitable that national sporting events, such as yesterday's football and the Wimbledon tennis championships, are going to impact on call centre productivity," said Duncan Graham, commercial director, Callcredit Marketing Solutions.

"In out-going call centres, data needs to be carefully analysed and segmented for the highest levels of customer insight.  This means that staff can be fully engaged in customers' mindsets and preferences, so they target them in the right way at the right time.  Not only does this help increase call centre efficiency, but it also improves the customer experience.

"This is never more important than at times such as this - with large swathes of England supporting the national team in yesterday's game, it was vital that call centre workers had access to data that enabled them to cherry pick those customers they knew would be accessible.

"In centres that handle incoming calls only, managers need to carefully plan their resources.  Could your staff benefit from some additional training during times when call volumes are likely to be low?  Are there administrative tasks to be completed, perhaps?  If not, then an organised team building effort, allowing staff to watch the football together, could reap great motivational dividends."

Callcredit Marketing Solutions' 500-strong Bristol Interaction Centre handles calls on behalf of the a range of clients across publishing, FMCG and the public sector.  Callcredit Marketing Solutions logged a 52% drop in incoming call volumes during yesterday's Game.