EK Services partnership signs with Callcredit to drive cost efficiencies across East Kent

EK Services

EK Services partnership has chosen public sector expert Callcredit Information Group to help improve the recovery of debt owed to the local authorities across East Kent.

Working with local authorities in the traditional revenues and benefits environment, EK Services (a shared service between Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council) required an improved tracing tool, to assist in the recovery of debt owed to its partner councils, with a particular focus on the recovery of outstanding housing benefit overpayments.

Retriever, Callcredit’s online tracing tool will help EK Services quickly and easily locate absconded debtors and provide any additional contact details such as email addresses and mobile telephone numbers. By increasing the success rate of tracing a debtor EK Services has the opportunity to work with the individual to help them reduce their debt and increase the revenue for its partner authorities.

James Kehoe, Corporate Income Team Leader, EK Services said: “In the increasingly challenging arena of debt recovery, EK Services is always seeking innovative ways to improve our debt recovery rates. Having worked with Callcredit with other products such as ThreeSixty Risk Based Verification and the ThreeSixty Business Rates module, we were confident that Retriever could provide the solution.

“Retriever is an exceptionally easy to use solution which provides important debtor information and contact details which we have been unable to obtain from any other source. Retriever is helping EK Services to recover debt which would otherwise have been treated as irrecoverable.”

James Hilton, Sales Director – Public Sector, Callcredit Information Group said: “We’re pleased to be working with EK Services to help trace absconded debtors and complement other innovative products being used by the shared service. “By implementing a targeted approach to debt, EK Services is able to actively increase the number of recovered cases and ensure the protection of the public purse.”