DecisionMetrics’ launch most sophisticated version of DecisionStrategy Enterprise

DecisionMetrics has today (18th December) officially launched its latest and most sophisticated version of ‘DecisionStrategy’, a next generation decision engine that offers the highest levels of flexibility in strategy configuration and change.

DecisionStrategy was already unique in the marketplace with the inclusion of DecisionMetrics’ multi-bureau technology and its Strategy Control System that allows the business user to configure the decisioning logic including the process flow, scorecards, policy rules, terms of business and when to request data from internal or external data sources including credit bureaux. This latest generation of the product can now deliver end to end  sophisticated application processing, and can also be configured for non-acquisition decisioning functions such as customer management,  fraud and collections.

Enhanced functionality includes:

  • Process flows – allows the user to create, amend and manage an unlimited number of flows to control all aspects of Decisioning logic
  • Work Flow – rule based control of record status, allowing sophisticated and controlled workflow movements to be implemented real-time or in batch
  • Policy rules – sophisticated policy rule management that allows multiple rules to be evaluated in priority order, re-ordered and disabled quickly and easily
  • Terms of business – using the matrix table functionality, create and amend product offerings
  • Parameters - to simply make small changes to strategies, multi-level parameters are used instead of literal values
  • Bureau Cache – store and re-use bureau data rather than searching again.
  • Duplicate checking – multiple exact and partial matching rules are available to check and selectively return data from previous applications held in the database, allowing re-use of previously stored CRA data
  • Status management – full process flow functionality available to manipulate application statuses
  • Data capture and display – ability to implement a complete end to end Decisioning process from data capture to underwriter review, with secure back office
  • Independent bureau viewer – sophisticated, bureau independent view of CRA data allowing quick review of multiple CRA data sources
  • Back office – selective menu functionality based on security permissions to allow access to queue, status and search functionality

The increased functionality ensures that in addition to automated decisioning, any difficult cases that need manual intervention can be allocated to a specific work queue e.g. fraud, where  an expert can work the case off-line.

Gary Scott, Managing Director of DecisionMetrics commented, “We are constantantly reminded that the world is continually changing, driven by technology working in a real time environment. Consequently there is a need to ensure that businesses have the confidence and reassurance that they have adequate systems in place which keep up to date with the pace of change”.

“DecisionStrategy Enterprise is at the leading edge and will continue to evolve and will include more innovative modules and functionality to allow an increasingly sophisticated end user access to the latest tools and techniques”.

Earlier this year Callcredit Information Group announced the creation of a new division designed to expand the capabilities of the Group specifically focusing on Software, Analytics and Fraud and which now also includes the unique multi-bureau capability of DecisionMetrics.