Debt Constellation?

Is the way you manage debt linked to the stars. Aquarian males and Cancerian females are more likely than any other star sign to have a CCJ registered against them according to research from credit reference agency MyCallcredit.

It found Virgos have the most dissimilar CCJ behaviour with 60 per cent more Virgo males having a CCJ registered against them than Virgo females.

While Leos have the most similar CCJ behaviour with 9 per cent more Leo women having a CCJ registered against them than Leo men - the only star sign where women are more likely to have a CCJ than men.

But it also shows men are more likely than women to get into trouble with their finances with 25.8 per cent more men than women having a CCJ registered against them.

MyCallcredit director Alison Nicholson says:

"We don't think you can generalise about star sign characteristics when it comes to people's attitudes to debt, sex is more likely to be an indicator of someone's habits than when they were born.

"But whatever an individual's credit commitments they should check their credit file regularly to make sure what's on their file is a true indication of their financial position and to prevent themselves becoming a victim of ID fraud.

"If your credit file is incorrect it can affect your chances of getting future credit - but it's also within your power to repair it."

How to protect yourself from ID fraud
  • Shred any personal documents before disposing of them.
  • Be vigilant, log on to www.mycallcredit.com and check your credit file.
  • Write to lenders who are listing a credit facility you don't want and cancel it.
  • When you cut up a card or stop using it inform the lender.
How to look after your credit file
  • Pay mortgage, credit cards, mobile phone and utility bills on time - even a late payment can affect your credit rating.
  • Remember anything that you pay for on direct debit or on a payment plan is likely to appear on your credit file.
  • When you decide not to use a credit card or current account don't just cut up the card - inform the lender, the facility will be registered on your credit file until you do.
  • Make sure your credit file is disassociated from the people around you to whom you have no financial connection, eg housemates or family members.
  • Check your own credit file regularly to make sure the information held is correct. Log on to www.mycallcredit.co.uk
  • When you move house contact the local authority to ensure you are added to the electoral role as soon as possible.
  • Inform any company who has provided you with a credit facility when you move address.
  • If you are declined credit, ask why - you are entitled to know. If information on your credit file is inaccurate you can have it corrected.
  • If you are having financial problems inform the lender sooner rather than later - most will be sympathetic and work with you to find a solution.
  • Don't pay for advice that comes free - debt counselling is provided free by the Citizen's Advice Bureau, Consumer Credit Counselling Service and National Debtline.
  • Don't pay to have incorrect information removed from your credit file when you can do it yourself. Credit Repair Agencies claim to be able to remove county court judgements from your file for a fee - if it's possible you can do it yourself.
Editors Notes
  1. The research was carried out by Callcredit on 48,000 randomly chosen records from its database on 10.08.05