Consumers take greater control of their credit report as Noddle reveals over 200,000 sign-ups

Consumers are certainly starting to use their Noddle in 2013 as the latest figures revealed by the free for life credit report service, Noddle, shows three times more sign ups already in 2013 compared to the start of 2012.

Noddle which is provided by Callcredit Information Group, and has reached over 200,000 sign ups, rivals its competitors by saving consumers on average *£120 a year and offering immediate, unlimited online access to their credit report in minutes with no fees or complicated cancellation process.

With the increase in utility costs, food and fuel prices and the impact of reduced benefits, it is ever more important for consumers to be vigilant with their money.  Keeping a check of their credit report is one way a consumer can take control of their finances, helping to improve their chances of getting the best financial deals  and ensuring that no-one is using their name or details fraudulently to apply for credit in their name.

Tom Ilube, founder of Noddle commented: "Recent research commissioned by Callcredit has shown that 30 per cent of consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to put any of their salaries aside each month as financial pressures continue to squeeze take home pay.  With financial difficulties hitting many consumers, the more they know about what's on their report, how it's used and what they can do to improve it, the better chances are of securing the best financial products at the best rates.

"Companies look at a consumers' credit rating all the time to help them make decisions about a consumer based on the information on it,  so it is imperative consumers check to make sure the information is correct. It is particularly pleasing to see more and more consumers are realising the importance of taking greater control of their finances."

* This figure is based on the average annual cost across the main monthly subscription services available.